Sonya Moyle is a South Australian born Visual Artist. With a previous background in Graphic Design,she completed a Certificate IV in Visual Art in 2012 in Western Australia and has gone on to complete further studies of a Bachelor of Visual Art, at Adelaide College of the Arts, with a focus on Ceramics and Drawing. She is a current studio tenant at JamFactory, Seppeltsfield.

Having grown up surrounded predominately by the natural landscape it has left a lasting impression. An exposure to the built environment through work and travel has emphasised the contrast of these environments. Her work explores colour and form to express her personal observations and reactions to these contrasts.

Sonya responds to these observations using the tactile medium of clay and process of making as a form of release or meditation. Drawing techniques referencing earth and landscape inform the decorative surfaces of her ceramic architectural objects and invite the viewer to contemplate and reflect on these differing environments.